Dior Homme: Behind-The-Scenes Pic of Robert Pattinson- Sephora at Champs-Élysées

Lovely photos posted on Instagram. Please credit source of this photo, Laura, as below* I followed up with her about how she got these two photos and she said sure, you can relate my story on your blog, so here you go:

“Dior gave them to me at sephora… They have this screen where you can choose your favorite picture and print it for free, the red background is my bed actually!  Well I bought the Dior Homme sport in another store and they didn’t have this pictures display so as the sale lady came to me I explained… And she was so nice and saw that I was a fan that she said I could print two… It was my birthday on September 1st that’s why I say… it’s kinda a late gift xD I even have my bottle personalized with my name on it =]”  ~@LB_Laura, Paris, France

Source:  Instagram Laurab_lb  Via

*Laura saw I posted/tweeted her photo and tweeted it identifying as hers (see below.) So, proper sourcing for the photo, if you saw it here first is Source: Instagram Laurab_lb  Via lookingformorefilmblog.com Via IMDB . Thanks!

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