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What’s the Deal With Robert Pattinson? He’s the REAL DEAL & More People Now Know It

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I have been a long time observer and blogger on Robert Pattinson’s career outside Twilight, and with all the progress he’s made since his great reviews for his performance in Cosmopolis in 2012, I wanted to stand back and take a look at his progress.

2014 “Most Anticipated Film” (or similar) Lists Made by ‘The Rover’ – COLLECTION & links (last update 7/2/14) -> 79 Lists

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While I don’t have a  dedicated site on The Rover as I do on most of Robert Pattinson’s indie films (sites appear hyperlinked at right ->), I do post most major news and try to add value other ways for those “looking for more.”

See the lower black menu bar above that presents a great deal of information on ‘The Rover’- organized and with links to sites of interest- to help you keep up with this exciting film!

Red source name = listing published after the full official trailer released Red * = what I’ve added since my last update to this post. 

I’m not surprised that the listing keep pouring in as The Rover trailer is so popular- look at the number of views!  

4/23/14: I have 45 “Most Anticipated Film” or similar lists so far made for ‘The Rover’

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Keep up With Robert Pattinson’s Projects here (last update 7/26/14)

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David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis opened a lot of doors for Robert Pattinson back in 2012. Just before and after the film played at Cannes, Rob reported he was attached to somewhere between 8-10 films. These include auteur directors such as David Michôd, Werner Herzog, James Marsh, David Cronenberg, Anton Corbijn, and James Gray.

ROUNDUP: Reactions to Esquire UK Interview re: Robert Pattinson’s Harmony Korine Film

Film Buzz Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films Robert Pattinson - His Films


Yesterday Esquire UK released online its interview with Robert Pattinson. He is the cover story for the September issue. His current film, The Rover, directed by David Michod is going to release in the UK soon. That film and Maps To The Stars are highlighted in the interview.

NEWS: Robert Pattinson’s Project with Harmony Korine is gangster movie [Esquire UK & Tracking Board]

Film Buzz Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films Robert Pattinson - His Films


In the upcoming Esquire UK issue, in which Robert Pattinson is the cover story, it’s revealed that the project being written for Robert is a gangster movie set in Miami.
“…Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers), is writing him a gangster movie, set in Miami, [...] This is an extraordinary résumé he’s building. And he’s doing it with purpose, actively seeking out the filmmakers he admires.

Anton Corbijn in Sundance Interview: Speaks of David Michod – Enjoys Doing Interviews (unlike him)

Anton Corbijn Anton Corbijn: Appearances David Michod Film: Life Film: The Rover Interviews: Print

I revisited an interview with Anton Corbijn during his time promoting A Most Wanted Man during Sundance this year and this little snippet caught my eye this time. Robert Pattinson has done a film with both Corbijn (Life) and David Michod (The Rover). I just saw Anton Corbijn Monday night at a talk in NY city, I though he did a fine job up there on stage, but it’s not his favorite thing.

David Michod & Guy Pearce speak to New Zealand Herald – The Rover’s world & today’s; Pattinson audition

Film: The Rover

There’s been many articles on The Rover, and many quotes from David Michod and Guy Pearce. I just like this one, there’s some things we’ve heard before from Michod, but related a bit differently. It’s a first for me to hear there was a hesitation to allow Guy Pearce’s character to wear shorts (!!!)

Anyway, here’s a couple of excerpts, please go to the source for the full article.

Antonio Ribeiro: ‘Queen Of The Desert’ imagines “on big screen come September of this year”

Film: Queen of the Desert

Dated today, a post from Antonio Ribeiro (Queen Of The Desert time lapse photographer see IMDB page). EXCITING news- he says he imagines the film will be released “come September of this year.”

Note- this is not an official announcement, and we don’t know if this means a theatrical release or a festival- one would suspect a festival.

FIRST STILL: From Werner Herzog’s ‘Queen Of The Desert’; Film expected fall festival, maybe US release this year

Film: Queen of the Desert Release Dates

From Queen Of The Desert producer:
A snap shot from “Queen of the Desert” pic.twitter.com/wTvYoVW5TU

— Nick Raslan (@NickRaslan) July 13, 2014
Just viewed the final cut of “Queen of the Desert”. It’s a true EPIC.

The Playlist’s The Most Underrated And Underseen Films Of 2014 So Far – ‘The Rover’ included

Film: The Rover

IndieWire asked its staff members to pick a movie they felt ” that they, individually, believe were undersung, underrated or undervalued in the first half of the year.”  Rodrigo Perez chose The Rover.  

Introduction from The Playlist:
No one can see everything.

‘Idol’s Eye’ Listed in American Film Market catalogue – Producer International Film Trust [Benaroya]

Film: Idol's Eye

This means Idol’s Eye is being brought to this film market, which you can see in my screencap will be Nov. 5-12.

AFM about its market (from 2013 AFM info. in link at bottom of post):
“The global film industry converges in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making on films in every stage of development and production, as well as screenings, conferences, networking and parties.

Olivier Assayas on ‘Idol’s Eye’ – Story; Hillel Levin researched facts, DP is Le Saux via FilmComment

Film: Idol's Eye Hillel Levin Olivier Assayas

Here’s something on Idol’s Eye from a Film Comment news digest posted yesterday by Gavin Smith. There’s a quote from director Olivier Assayas where he comments on the story, and reveals that he had Hillel Levin do historical research to establish some facts.

Why Olivier Assayas is “The perfect director for Idol’s Eye’- Hillel Levin’s Blog Post

Film: Idol's Eye Hillel Levin Olivier Assayas

The author of the source story for Idol’s Eye- “Boosting the Big Tuna” in 2007 Playboy article has posted again on his blog about the film (first post see * below). Here, he talks of the interview done by Chicago Tribune reporter Michael Phillips and expands on how Oliver Assayas did significant research on the story- engaging Levin in this.

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