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VIEW ON THIS SITE: Awards & Other Notice for ‘The Rover’ & Robert Pattinson for His Performance in

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I’ve organized my menu structure, in this site’s second black bar, so you can keep up with the notice and award noms and wins for The Rover, and any for Robert Pattinson or Guy Pearce as well. Hover over the “BUZZ/AWARDS” item just above this post and you’ll see this drop down menu:

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Career: Robert Pattinson ‘Covertly Shaping a New Line of Cinephiles’ The Film Stage Editor Tweet

FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Robert Pattinson - Career and Films

The Associate Editor of The Film Stage @Nick_Newman tweeted this out, and it’s been something I’ve thought for a long time, and well, it deserves a post. “Covertly shaping a new line of cinephiles”, nice tag line!

edit: 1/22/15 This tweet exchange occurred just before Rob’s next film, David Michod’s The Rover premiered at Cannes 2014 and led to considerable praise for Rob’s performance and the quality of this film (see menu above “buzz” on that.) 


Best of 2014: ROUNDUP 2: ‘The Rover’ Makes More Lists – 6 lists

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

Here’s another collection of more “Best of 2014″ lists made by The Rover. To see all lists at this site, individual posts or collections, click “Best of 2014 Lists: The Rover” at the bottom of the post.

Top 5 Supporting Actor Performances of 2014 | Keith & the Movies, January 13, 2015
“One of my favorite things to do in January is to look back at the performances from the year before.

Best of 2014: Deep Focus Incl. ‘The Rover’ as one of underseen worthy films

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

thinks people likely missed out on, and should seek out now. I’m highlighting this quote:

“It’s an haunting and expertly made film, which only gets better on repeated viewings.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.56.32 PM
Deep Focus Review – Top 10 Films of 2014, Brian Eggert, January 10, 2015 via @sallyvg
The Rover

“David Michod’s follow-up to his outstanding debut Animal Kingdom was an underseen post-apocalyptic drama called The Rover. Michod, who wrote and conceived the screenplay with Joel Edgerton, delivers a project with strains of Mad Max and The Road, but it’s also its own beast. An Australian production set in ruinous towns and sparse landscapes following a global financial crash, the film trails Guy Pearce as he searches for his car, which is stolen early on. He spends the entire film trying to get his car back, but the question is… Why? What’s so important about that car? When the film finally reveals his impetus, it’s a heartbreakingly sad revelation. The journey to that moment is filled with Pearce’s intense performance, a solid supporting turn by Robert Pattinson, and several strange, violent, and affecting episodes—one involving a kindly vet, and another a group of circus freaks. It’s an haunting and expertly made film, which only gets better on repeated viewings.”

Best of 2014: Geeks of Doom put ‘The Rover’ #2 of 11 favorite films

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

I love the description of the emotional impact of David Michod’s first film Animal Kingdom. If you haven’t seen it, you must. A movie you never forget. Also, note the nod to Robert Pattinson for his career choices- working with world class filmmakers.

I wouldn’t be blogging all that I am on the actor (starting with Cosmopolis) if I wasn’t impressed as hell myself at the path he’s been taking.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.42.42 PM

Geeks of Doom: 11 Favorite (and 3 Least Favorite) Films Of 2014, January 16, 2015, #2 of 11 via @fearlessmore

2. The Rover

“A brutal and unforgiving drama set against the backdrop of a civilized society that has crumbled through all fault of its own into a literal Hell on Earth, David Michôd‘s sun-burnt follow-up to his 2010 feature directorial debut, Animal Kingdom will kick you in

Best of 2014: Silver Screen Riot puts ‘The Rover’ #20 of 100 films

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

the performances by the leads, with special attention paid Robert Pattinson as he wasn’t a known quantity for many people, or beyond his Twilight fame. (See the linked review for more praise for his performance.) Look at this quote here, though- fantastic:

“And maybe most importantly, it’s a signal that Pattinson may yet be a star, but in an entirely different way than we first imagined.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.32.31 PM

Best of 2014: “Pretty Girl Rock” in ‘The Rover’ a top 5 Song Choice – Moviemaker

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

We’ve got more kudos for David Michod’s use of Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” in The Rover. This is the song Robert Pattinson sings along too in the film. Here’s the introduction then on the song choice.

Actress Susan Prior Speaks of Robert Pattinson’s Performance in ‘The Rover’ (podcast)

Film: The Rover Susan Prior

This is a podcast done in the summer with Susan Prior who was in The Rover. I have the link to it for a listen, and created a transcript of the part where she talked about Robert Pattinson. She has great words for Guy Pearce and David Michod of course. On this site I focus more on Rob, so here’s that part. I’ve not included the interviewer’s questions, it was very informal actually.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.59.25 AM

Susan Prior On Rob:

“I really think he was inspired by the group. We were all hanging out as a group afterwards and we were always discussing, kind of debriefing how things worked out in the edit. We were consistently still searching and questioning and asking [she elaborates a bit more on this.]

CBS News: Includes Robert Pattinson in “Oscars 2015: Who was Snubbed?”

Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films


This is quite the nod to Robert Pattinson- CBS including him in Dave Morgan’s story of who was snubbed in not getting an Oscar nomination. This is quite the good company to keep, isn’t it? The full excerpt on “Absent Actors” in the 2015 Oscar nomination announcements. Bolding is mine and I added the photo.

FESTIVAL News: ‘Queen of the Desert’ Will Screen in Main Competition at Berlinale in Feb.

Film: Queen of the Desert Robert Pattinson - Career and Films Werner Herzog

Fantastic news! We won’t have to wait a long time to for promo and reviews of Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert- it’s reported today that it’s been selected, in main competition, for Berlin International Film Festival! This will be its world premiere. The festival runs from February 5-15. Click here for the official press release.

Guy Pearce: Expects Robert Pattinson “will be the biggest movie star in the world”

FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Film: Water For Elephants Guy Pearce Interviews: Print Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films Robert Pattinson - His Films

Guy Pearce’s comments on Robert Pattinson are “music to my ears,” as you’ll see in from the links to the most popular articles I’ve published over the past two years. If you like what Guy has said in this Yahoo piece, you’ll find a lot more to like at the links.

New STILL: of Robert Pattinson as ‘Rey’ in ‘The Rover’ – from @TheRoverMovie

Film Buzz Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards

I RTd this two hours ago, and it deserves a post! Here’s a new still of Robert Pattinson as ‘Rey’ in The Rover, from the official movie site @TheRoverMovie.

The occasion is announcing that the movie is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, that means you can stream the film for free.
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