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What’s the Deal With Robert Pattinson? He’s the REAL DEAL & More People Now Know It

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I have been a long time observer and blogger on Robert Pattinson’s career outside Twilight, and with all the progress he’s made since his great reviews for his performance in Cosmopolis in 2012, I wanted to stand back and take a look at his progress.

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Keep up With Robert Pattinson’s Projects here (last update 8/14/14)

FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Robert Pattinson -F ilm Project Status ALL IN ONE

David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis opened a lot of doors for Robert Pattinson back in 2012. Just before and after the film played at Cannes, Rob reported he was attached to somewhere between 8-10 films.

This post reflects an impressive group of auteur directors (pictured in collage, not in this order)  David Michôd, Werner Herzog, James Marsh, David Cronenberg, Anton Corbijn, and James Gray.

Idol’s Eye Casting Notice – Looking for Cast for the Film (notes 25 year old daughter)

Cast Film Buzz Film: Idol's Eye

Self-explanatory- there’s movement on casting of Idol’s Eye. Thanks for the find, @sallyvg.

TWEETS: Reactions to “The Rover’ Release in the UK – mid-August 2014

Film: The Rover Tweets of interest

This is just a small sample of tweet reactions to The Rover when it was released in the UK. Have more saved, but I’ve been busy on the other blogs and preparing to head to TIFF- I’ll see Robert Pattinson in Maps To The Stars there (twice!).  Hope you enjoy the tweets below. Know that it likely represents only 20%, if that of the positive reactions out there when it hit the UK.

PRODUCTION UPDATE: ‘Idol’s Eye’ Shoot Now Oct 22- Dec 22 Location: Toronto @ProdWeek

Film: Idol's Eye

As with the last reporting from this source, I’ve not read the specific entry myself. @RKMovieNews who’s reported the content of the Production Weekly listing says the location is still showing Toronto.

This reported October 22 to December 22, 2014 schedule is only off a couple days from that we had before (10/20-12/23).

Olivier Assayas Mentions ‘Idol’s Eye’ in a French Interview – “in the same vein as ‘Carlos’”

Film: Idol's Eye Olivier Assayas

Thanks goes to the Pattinson Arts Work fan site for this find from the Courte-Focale France site, where Olivier Assayas is being interviewed about his film Sils Maria.

I’ve watched Carlos, by the way. It’s on Netfllix Instant Watch if you’d like to see it. It starts off slow and then well…. shocking… as you see what Carlos is capable of.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson’s “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” [hilarious!] f/Zac Efron – & 20+ media reactions; record $$ yesterday

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Appearances VIDEO

Yesterday I posted at my Maps To The Stars Film Blog Robert Pattinson’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge VIDEO. I had this to say about the video. I’m now bringing in news in this post that shows a phenomenal response- social media and press. Also, the ALS campaign has hit a new record yesterday for contributions in one day. Read on!
“The challenge is to raise money for ALS.

ORIGINAL POST: David Michod Needs You To Think About The Future- Here’s Why

David Michod Film: The Rover

Occasional blog writer Tony has written this original piece. It was inspired by both David Michod’s comments on why he wrote The Rover (link at bottom of this post) and also by being quite impressed with how The Rover Movie presented a plausible future in its online scenario. Hope you like this post.

What Inspired Director David Michod to Write ‘The Rover’ – “What Will Become of Us…” (His thoughts collection)

David Michod Interviews: Print

David Michod has spoken of what inspired him to write The Rover, but I’m not seeing much cultural conversation develop on this around the film, at least not in the online chatter yet.

This is very important to the man, you can just feel it.

PRODUCTION NEWS: ‘Idol’s Eye’ Shoot Status now Oct 20- Dec 23 Location: Toronto

Film: Idol's Eye Uncategorized

I’ve not read the specific entry myself, but here’s from a twit longer reporting on details in today’s issue of Production Weekly.  We’ve heard Toronto and Chicago before, this just lists Toronto. It’s the hoped for late Oct. start voiced by film producer Gillibert. We already knew Rob’s character’s name was John Mendell, but it’s great to see it listed here.

VIDEO: David Michod’s Guide to the Apocalypse, ‘The Rover’ – Climate Change “the great moral challenge of time”

David Michod Interviews: Video VIDEO

This is important to David Michod. I think it should be important to all of us- not because he’s the one saying it, per se, but because I think he’s right. A video from Little White Lies.
Watch! RT @LWLies:”When I was writing The Rover I found myself filled with despair.” Watch David Michôd’s guide[..] : http://t.

VIDEO: UK Film 4 ‘The Rover’ Special- Interview with Michod, Pearce, Pattinson

David Michod Film: The Rover Guy Pearce Robert Pattinson VIDEO

This is quite good, a special program on The Rover. What wonderful exposure for this film. New interviews with director David Michod, Guy Pearce, and Robert Pattinson. The focus is largely on the characters, what they are about, and how the actors brought them to life. There’s clips from the film, too. The Rover opens this week in the UK. The three men were promoting the film last week in London.

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