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Is Harmony Korine’s Next Movie starring Robert Pattinson ‘The Trap’? Putting 2 & 2 together- might it be?

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This morning I saw a tweet sharing a press kit PDF on the film Birdman. In it there’s a statement about the producer John Lesher that I think might be the film we’ll all waiting to hear about.

What’s the Deal With Robert Pattinson? He’s the REAL DEAL & More People Now Know It

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I have been a long time observer and blogger on Robert Pattinson’s career outside Twilight, and with all the progress he’s made since his great reviews for his performance in Cosmopolis in 2012, I wanted to stand back and take a look at his progress.

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Keep up With Robert Pattinson’s Projects here (last update 10/18/14)

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David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis opened a lot of doors for Robert Pattinson back in 2012. Just before and after the film played at Cannes, Rob reported he was attached to somewhere between 8-10 films. I started this post the next year to try to keep me, and readers, up to date with Rob’s burgeoning career.

ZIMBIO: Ranking the Post ‘Harry Potter’ Stars’ Careers – Robert Pattinson #2 of 21

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Ranking the Post-

Only Emma Watson beat out Robert Pattinson in this list prepared by Zimbio- and they note her well-deserved turn as Goodwill Ambassador. Partial quote:
“He’s making so many movies now it’s almost hard to keep track. Next up, he’ll work with Robert De Niro in Idol’s Eye, Sir Ben Kinsgley in Life, and Nicole Kidman and James Franco in Queen of the Desert.

Robert Pattinson at NYFF ‘Eden’ Pre-party in NYC – @IdolsEyefilm producer Gillibert’s Film

Film: Idol's Eye

Sunday morning’s timeline has started to rock with the sighting of Robert Pattinson in New York city at a New York Film Festival pre-party for the film Eden. The producer, Charles Gillibert is also the producer for Idol’s Eye (my @IdolsEyeFilm), so Rob surely was there supporting his producer’s film.

PRODUCTION UPDATE: ‘Idol’s Eye’ Shoot Now Listed with Oct. 20 start from Canada Film Office

Film: Idol's Eye

We’ve had shoot start dates on Idol’s Eye shift around from Oct 22 to 27 to 22 again and now we see October 20th from this source – a Toronto Economic Development and Culture office document.
This post has been copied to my dedicated site on Idol’s Eye. Hope you follow the film online with me here:

On twitter: @IdolsEyeFilm
On web: idolseye-film.

‘Idol’s Eye’ CAST Summary: Actors and Characters (as of 10/4/14)

Film: Idol's Eye

Here’s our post on the casting for Olivier Assayas’ Idol’s Eye (fyi: my all we know on the story post). 

We’ve heard the reporting for Robert Pattinson and Robert DeNiro from the start, and not long afterwards, Rachel Weisz.

On 10/1/14 Jim Cantafio has been added to the cast. What a character name!: Jackie ‘The Lackey’ Cerone.

German Distributor Listing of ‘The Trap’ – Harmony Korine with Robert Pattinson

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - His Films

A German Robert Pattinson fan found a listing of The Trap, and this is the first I’ve seen the three parts- the two men and the film name- all together. So my “putting two and two together” guesswork posted on Sept 18th when we first heard Korine’s film name was right-this was the film Pattinson was doing with him.

Production Weekly Reports on Status of Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’ – active dev. & Pattinson as lead?

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - His Films

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 10.20.55 AM

There’s reporting today on the content of the current Production Weekly listing on Harmony Korine’s The Trap. The information relayed is that it’s in active development and Robert Pattinson is in the lead. Here’s what I see, and what I know or speculate.

edit 10/2/14: see links to follow this film online with me at bottom of this post.

VIDEO: New Behind-The-Scenes’ Footage from ‘The Rover’ – via Dread Central

David Michod Film: The Rover Guy Pearce Robert Pattinson VIDEO

Nice surprise, some behind the scenes footage from The Rover, an exclusive Blu-ray clip posted by Dread Central. David Michod speaks about how the idea for the film started. Thanks to @lurker1510 for her tweet with the link.
Source: The Rover – Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip…

Top 25 iTunes Movies : David Michod’s ‘The Rover’ Makes the List! – Sept. 17, 2014

David Michod Film: The Rover

This list includes The Rover! It’s from Seal Systems, dated Wednesday Sept. 17, 2014. Great news. Not surprised though, the tweets from people seeing the film and positively commenting on it are non-stop! I try to keep up with a lot of them @LFMoreFilmBlog.

BULLETT: Harmony Korine On Pacino, His New Gangster Movie [Pattinson Cast, early 2015 start expected]

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - His Films

Here’s Harmony Korine speaking of his upcoming film with Robert Pattinson.  Korine was at TIFF and was asked about it. The whole piece is worth reading, I’ve only brought in the part about the new film.

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