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Film: The Trap

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Awards: 'The Rover' FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Film: The Rover Film: The Rover Notice & Awards MASTER POSTs Robert Pattinson

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Cast MINI-BIOS – Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’

Film: The Trap

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.03.15 PM Robert Pattinson Actor (English). He is portraying Max. At the urging of his father, Rob started acting in amateur theater with the Barnes Theater Company in his neighborhood of Barnes, England.  His first role, as older Rawdy Crawley, in Vanity Fair (2004) ended up on the cutting room floor, but the casting director felt bad and invited him to audition for his role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). He has also portrayed Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga Series (2008 to 2012), Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me (2010), Eric Packer in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (2012), Ray in David Michod’s The Rover (2014) and Jerome Fontana in Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars (2014). Rob won Best Actor at the Strasbourg International Film Festival for his role as Art in How to Be (2008). He was nominated by the Vancouver Film Critics Circle for Best Actor in a Canadian film for his role in Cosmopolis (2012), and in 2014 got three noms for best supporting actor for The Rover (2014) by Australian organizations AACTA, AFCA, FCCA, and one nom for a best supporting actor Canadian Screen Award for Maps To The Stars (2014).  He co-wrote and performed two songs on the first Twilight (2008) soundtrack. Rob has a three year contract with the House of Dior to be the New Face of Dior Homme.   IMDB, Wikipedia

STORY Synopsis – Collection about Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’

Film: The Trap

Here I pull together official information from the production and snippets from other places about the story of The Trap.  I’ll continue to add as there is more reporting on this film.
The Hollywood Reporter, March 2015 
“Focus Features is in final talks to to prebuy U.S.

Harmony Korine Community Facebook Page Confirms ‘The Trap’ – “…ain’t the 1/2, but here’s news”

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine

Here’s Harmony Korine’s Facebook post from March 26th. The Hollywood Reporter gave us the news last week about the film, its casting, distribution, etc. But sure is nice to have the director confirm the news!

Harmony Korine on his Facebook 3/26/15


BUSTLE: “Idris Elba & Robert Pattinson Joining ‘The Trap’ Is Exciting News Both For Harmony Korine & For The Audience”

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson

This article is worth reading. It presents some thinking about the movie, what might be created, given all the principals involved.  Arbeiter highlights the value of producing something different- which Korine always does, and notes “but The Trap marks Korine’s first A-lister lineup.” He talks about Korine, Elba, Pattinson and Pacino.

Robert Pattinson’s July 2012 Blackbook Magazine Photoshoot – photos & link to interview

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Photoshoot +Interview

Here’s a collection of photos from Robert Pattinson’s photoshoot in Blackbook Magazine (one of my favorites!) published July 2012. At the time I posted them at my Cosmopolis Film Site/Blog as that was the active film for Rob at the time. At top I added a recent outtake released by the photographer, Autumn de Wilde, and then two other high quality pics I came across in early February.

ROUNDUP: Media Reporting 3/25/15 – News of ‘The Trap’ Casting & Focus Features Distribution

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films

Yesterday we got the fantastic news about Harmony Korine’s The Trap- first from the exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. That post here tells us about the incredible cast, strong US and international distribution, this year’s best movie Oscar producer at the helm, and a crazy story! See that post HERE.

THR Reports Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’- Cast of Elba, Del Toro, Pacino, Pattinson, Franco!

Film: The Trap Harmony Korine Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films

The news we’ve been waiting for- confirmation of Robert Pattinson in THIS Harmony Korine movie, and more casting and distribution news.

MASTER POST: Hidden in Plain Sight – Robert Pattinson’s Life-long Love Affair with Music [20+ post collection]

FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Film: How To Be Film: The Rover MASTER POSTs Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - His Music

Robert Pattinson with Beyonce and Death Grips, posted July 20, 2014

This is a collection of posts on Robert Pattinson’s musical background, talent, and activity up to 2014 published at my various LookingForMoreFilmBlog™ sites. Current fans may know of his life-long love of music and what he’s done to date since a teen, and can revisit that here, including videos of his songs.

AWARD NOM: Robert Pattinson for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Maps To The Stars’ – CSA

Film: Maps To The Stars Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films

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Robert Pattinson was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his performance in his second film with David Cronenberg, Maps To The Stars. Ultimately the winner in that category was his co-star, John Cusack. Congratulations to Rob for this nom, and also for the three best supporting actor noms he got for his performance in David Michod’s The Rover, this same year.

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