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2014 “Most Anticipated Film” (or similar) Lists Made by ‘The Rover’ – COLLECTION & links (last update 4/7/14)

Film: The Rover Most Anticipated Film: 2014

While I don’t have a dedicated site on The Rover as I do on most of Robert Pattinson’s indie films since Cosmopolis (sites hyperlinked at right ->), I do post most major news and try to add value other ways for those interested in the film.

Hence, I’ve created this post collecting all ”most anticipated film” lists I’ve found that have included  The Rover. [FYI: I've also done this for Robert Pattinson's second film directed by David Cronenberg, Maps To The Stars.] I have 30 lists made- if a reader knows of one I’ve missed, please comment below or tweet @LFMoreFilmBlog.

Another way to gauge interest and anticipation in this film is the incredible buzz and positive reactions that happened when the teaser trailer of The Rover was released. Here are my two ROUNDUP collections on that.

It’s here: ‘The Rover’ Official Teaser Trailer – Starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson VIDEO

Film: The Rover Guy Pearce Robert Pattinson Scoot McNairy VIDEO

[2/20/14 update:] David Michod’s The Rover teaser trailer first appeared on distributor A24 Films YouTube Site and is now profiled and ready to watch on its website. This post retains the link to the initial YouTube and a screencap of the teaser, but now links to the A24 website too.
When I first posted the Youtube below (vulture) right after it appeared it had 150 hits.

Upcoming Exhibition @MuseeDior in Normandy – Dior Photographers – To Include Nan Goldin’s Robert Pattinson Dior Homme

Robert Pattinson - Dior Homme Fragrance Campaign

Robert Pattinson, as regular readers here know, is the new face of Dior Homme fragrance, with the launch of the new campaign last September. We’ve had a “filmlet” advertising the fragrance, many interviews with Robert, and there’s been a book (set of high quality posters of Pattinson and Camille Rowe campaign images in beautiful box) published by Rizzoli press.

New STILL from ‘The Rover’ – Robert Pattinson as ‘Rey’ in Entertainment Weekly

Official Movie Stills Robert Pattinson

Here’s Robert Pattinson as ‘Rey’ in The Rover.

“Rob With Guns” – Rey in ‘The Rover’ and Eric Packer in ‘Cosmopolis’

Film: Cosmopolis

Someone beat me to it- a post of Robert Pattinson’s movie characters with guns. (I did one on “Rob in Cars” for my Maps To The Stars Film Blog HERE.) I don’t have the quote handy, but I remember he said at one time he really wanted to shoot a gun in a movie. Perhaps he’ll use one, too in The Lost City of Z when that shoots.
@Robsessed_INA Robert Pattinson and guns #TheRover #Cosmopolis pic.

The Virtual David Cronenberg Museum is Up at TIFF – Bookmark this Link!

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films David Cronenberg - The Cronenberg Project (TIFF)

Just look at this! Like being a kid in a candy store for David Cronenberg fans, right?
Link to:  The Virtual Cronenberg Exhibition.tiff.net   @TIFF_NET 

Source in link above, via

tweet later @TIFF_NET  The Cronenberg Virtual Exhibition is live! Explore artifacts, rare film clips from the archives http://ow.

CNN Money: Cassian Elwes – “Meet Independent Film’s Go-To ‘fixer’” (He’s producer #QOTD & Dallas Buyers Club)

Film Industry - Independent Film Film Industry - Trends or Issues Film: Queen of the Desert

Cassian Elwes

While there’s no discussion of his film Queen Of The Desert here [starring Robert Pattinson, Nicole Kidman, Damian Lewis and James Franco] it’s a very good read if you are interested in him [his film Dallas Buyers Club just took home the best actor and supporting actor Oscars) and the business of film,  particularly independent film.

‘Queen Of The Desert’ Producer on Rough Cut – “Pattinson Steals His Scenes” @Cassian Elwes

Film: Queen of the Desert Uncategorized

A nice surprise  from the producer of Queen Of The Desert today, Cassian Elwes. You may have heard of him lately ;)  the two male stars of his Dallas Buyers Club won Oscars for their performances! So here is a producer with a recent Oscar-winning film, speaking of an upcoming film of his, helmed by the amazing Werner Herzog.

Nan Goldin (Dior Homme campaign) on Photographing Robert Pattinson – ref. portrait of painter Cadmus

Robert Pattinson - Dior Homme Fragrance Campaign

A Nan Goldin quote about photographing Robert Pattinson in the Dior campaign. She must be referring to this photo of Paul Cadmus? I brought in her comments about film, also. She’s a cinephile like her subject Pattinson; she says her inspiration comes from film.

“Yet you’re obsessed with aesthetics, fashion …

I said “esthétisant” not aesthetic! I loved taking pictures of women like Kate Moss naked on a horse, or Tilda Swinton, covered with skin. Facing them, I am fashion “caress”. I also enjoyed photographing Robert Pattinson for Dior, in a harsh light. It looks like a portrait of the painter Paul Cadmus exposed to the Brooklyn Museum in New York … Even brown hair, same blue eyes … Nothing of him that rhyme with “pretty”.

Movie Trailers: Their Century-Long Evolution from The Film Stage & FilmMaker IQ – VIDEOs at link

Film Industry - Trends or Issues

I found this at The Film Stage, about a history of the movie trailer VIMEO made by FilmMaker IQ. It’s really very interesting- it’s roughly a 15 min video.

From The Film Stage:
While one can’t turn their head without seeing the latest trailer from Hollywood, there was indeed a day when they weren’t rampant in the marketplace.

Wonderland Magazine on Dior Homme Fragrance, but also Robert Pattinson as the Dior Homme Man.

Robert Pattinson - Dior Homme Fragrance Campaign

I could make it a part time job posting only on Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme campaign, but I can’t and keep up posting on all the films he’s doing (see right for my sites on them->)

However, I  liked this post from Wonderland Magazine as it describes both the fragrance, and the Dior concept behind it, but mostly for the paragraph on Pattinson that makes the link of why he fits the concept

More Robert Pattinson Dior Homme Photos- Beach Scenes- from Dior online sites

Robert Pattinson - Dior Homme Fragrance Campaign

Dior has published some new gorgeous beach photographs from its Dior Homme campaign on various platforms. I’ve brought them all here, along with the first half of an article about the concept of the fragrance, and what Robert Pattinson’s style brings to the scent. Please click on the  Dior.com Magazine “The Freshness of Cologne” page for more on the fragrance. It appears that Dior has repackaged Dior Eau for Men- a very fresh, cool looking design. Great for spring and summer.

“The elusive and nonchalant incarnation of the Dior Homme  scent, the actor Robert Pattison lends his easy elegance to Dior  Homme Cologne,  a simply daring fragrance in his image.


This is the story of a contemporary, freedom-loving man, who glides effortlessly from one life to another, from one role to the next. His timeless elegance has a freshness to it, it’s low-key in appearance, but sharpened with precision, like the white shirt he’s never without. Clinging to his skin in the sea breeze, dazzling against the bright sky of a summer morning, for him it’s luxury reduced to its purest and simplest expression.”

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